Ski Racing Camps

Zillertrollen offers training center facilities for having ski racing camps. Our new chalet is designed especially for ski racing camp usage and is fully equipped with all necessary training facilities like physical, coordination, recovery, maintenance etc. Perfect place for ski teams and training groups, also for the Worldcup and Europacup teams.


There are all necessary equipments for training in the Hintertux glacier or Zillertal mountains. Coaches and Service are not required to bring their own skis. There is also equipment available for training after a day on the glacier. Video-analyses can be done either in 46" HDTV in "Ruheraum" or in living room. There is also waxing room with two-three maintenance and waxing tables.


For recovering from daily activities there are Finnish sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna and outside massage-jacuzzi.


Of course for relaxing after training day, we have 2 pcs Nintendo Wii consoles w/Wii Fit balance board and plenty of other games.


- 60 pcs SPM 27mm poles, screw-base length 34cm

- 40 pcs SPM 27mm poles, stick-in base

- 35 pcs SPM BOY 35mm softpoles

- 2 pcs screw-key

- 2 pcs 32mm and 35mm drills

- 2 pcs cordless hammer-drills

- 12 pairs of skis (Blizzard SLR,GSR,Supersonic,Magnum,Viva etc)

- 12 pairs of ski poles

- 12 pairs of ski boots

- 12 pairs of helmets and goggles 

- 10 Full-suspension MTB 26"

- 2 hard-tail MTB 26"

- 4 sets Nordic-walking poles

- Redcord neuromuscular activation

- weight-lifting equipments

- gym-balls

- coordination training